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Product Care:

Laura works in Stoneware due to its durability. It’s dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.


To view, commission or order Laura’s work, contact her directly. Click here


Galleries and Stores:


Circle Craft

Olive and Wild on Main



Sign up for pottery lessons with Laura at the following community centres:

Trout Lake community centre in east Vancouver

Kerrisdale community centre in westside Vancouver

Pottery Parties:

Parties for children, adults and companies can be arranged through the community centres listed above.


Craft Shows:
Laura usually participates in the following craft shows:

Circle Craft Christmas Market (November)

Eastside Culture Crawl (November)

Harmony Arts Festival (July/August)

Filberg Festival (August)



Laura has served as a volunteer board member for a crafts organization. She shares her skills with a group of women in a seniors’ centre as she leads them in craft activities.

Laura likes:

Decorating any and every surface, even if the surface is moving...

Cashew nuts


Thrift store shopping

Challenging her creativity by repurposing anything and everything

Bright colours

Cycling around town

Hanging out with friends and family

Making something from nothing

Fostering an appreciation of craft in others

Tomfoolery and mayhem


Laura does NOT like...

Conformity and predictability

"Brown and round"

Getting up early

Taking “no” for an answer

Imitators and naysayers

Minding her p's and q's

A day without at least ONE adventure, no matter how small...

People who ignore their inner child

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