Considered the ULTIMATE apron. Practical for potters, woodworkers, tattoo artists and chefs. Made in Canada in small batches from preshrunk durable denim. This gem of an apron will promise to cover where you need it most!! Great attention has been given to the design, use, comfort and style. ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL


The leg split down the centre is perfect for sitting at the pottery wheel, covering the splashy areas of the legs. The yoke/chest pocket is large enough to protect a cell phone while listening on headphones. The side/hip pockets are sewn at an angle for comfort of the wrists and deep enough for your tools of the trade. The straps are cross back ties at the back elleviating strain on your neck and are long enough to tie in the front. Unisex.


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: It is always a good idea to soak your clay covered apron in a bucket of warm water first to remove any clay chunks. Wash and dry on medium heat or better for Mother Nature cold water and hang to dry.

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