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Laura van der Linde, currently based in Vancouver, Canada, hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. The free-spiritedness and vibrancy that’s part of her cultural heritage is expressed in her ceramic ware. She perpetually strives to elevate the function of the everyday vessel and does so with bold design and vivid colour. Rhythmic patterns and infinite varieties of texture typify her work.


Laura draws inspiration from a myriad of sources. The intensity of our urban world informs her vision as do the colours and patterning of the flora, fauna, and textiles from her country of origin. These are influences she reveres and embraces.


In Laura’s opinion, domestic objects play a role in fulfilling our emotional and physical needs. Eating and drinking can be an intimate experience enhanced by the use of handmade objects. The nurturing and nourishing aspects of sharing food and drink very much inspire her artistic practice. True to her personality, Laura's work is infused with humour, playfulness, and curiosity. Her whimsical and delightful pieces will complement any table and bring warmth and pleasure wherever food is enjoyed.

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